Study on Using Double-Skin Facade and Its Effects on Urban Landscape Aesthetic

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Shayan Mahmoudi , et. al.


Today, the facade is an essential part of urban landscape. Facades have become real procedure, while they are not just a bearer structure. Facade as the outermost view of building plays a major role in aesthetic structure of city, but this main feature nowadays has become more important due to advancement of technology and modern construction technologies and features have been added to it such as structural role, sound insulation, heating and ventilation. With the advancements of construction industry in today's world, it is possible to design and execute a smart facade in addition to its structural role using double-skin facades in order to control and regulate heat, cold, light, wind, and outdoor noise as well as provide comfort of residents without energy waste. Facades are less used and considered due to their modernity as well as their low performance in Iran. In this paper, we analyze the specific features of double-skin facades; also, we investigate the aesthetic impact of double-skin facades from urban landscape perspective.


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et. al., S. M. , . (2021). Study on Using Double-Skin Facade and Its Effects on Urban Landscape Aesthetic. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 4739–4750.
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