Systematic Review of Recent Handover Techniques Femtocell and Microcell in LTE-A

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Prof.Atul B.wani, et. al.


The growing want for wireless networks calls regarding the acceptable of heterogeneous networks to sufficient shopper requirements. Quality administration is rated one in every of the relevant factors to before-mentioned networks. The relinquishment could be a unity of the foremost characteristics of quality management regarding the long run evolution of advanced (LTE-A) framework, that depends merely upon the laborious fork up Femtocell suggests AN economically appealing strategy to boost quality, coverage, and performance within the gift organization. The cellular organization operators got to alter the present single-level macrocell organization to supply the kinds of the help of femtocells to its purchasers. During this article, we provide a review of relinquishment techniques on femtocell preparation. Varied aspects of femtocell networks in an exceedingly totally different domain square measure talked concerning. Femtocell may be a dominant various to direct and cast off a big the part of the transfer from the Macro Base Station. For a particular space within a macro cell much a microcell, the selected repeat assortment isn't a dead ringer for the adjacent territory. This paper gift the review of varied relinquishment mechanisms introduced for communication between LTE-A elements like Femtocell and Microcell. the end result of this paper to get the challenges of recent relinquishment ways.


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et. al., P. B. . (2021). Systematic Review of Recent Handover Techniques Femtocell and Microcell in LTE-A . Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 2054–2065.
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