The Effect of Micro-Silica on Compressive Strength in Concrete Structures in Shiraz

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Javad Jafari, et. al.


In recent decades, extensive studies have been conducted on concrete admixtures using materials science in high-tech countries. Besides, over the past few years, almost comprehensive studies have been carried out by specialists to introduce a type of high strength concrete in Iran however, there is still a great need for more extensive studies in this field. Today, in addition to the basic ingredients of concrete, aggregate, cement, and water, other materials are often used in concrete, and are commonly called concrete admixtures. One of the admissible admixtures for high strength concrete is micro-silica gel admixture with a combination of polycarboxylate ether (PCE)-based super-plasticizer. This study aimed to determine the effect of these materials on concrete and its mechanical properties such as concrete compressive strengths and find suitable percentages of cement, water, and aggregate, both technically and economically, using Shiraz native materials in workshops. To do so, a series of tests were performed on samples made of concrete and the effect of admixtures, before and after being added to 7-, 28-, 42-, 90-, and 120-day cube samples as well as the weight percentages of cement, water and aggregates were examined in the mix design. Notable that through this study it was necessary to also evaluate concrete compressive strength made of Shiraz native materials.


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et. al., J. J. . (2021). The Effect of Micro-Silica on Compressive Strength in Concrete Structures in Shiraz. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 4597–4608.
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