The Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Supply Chain

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Zhandark Khalife Soltani


The range of potential market shows high growth, which can be achieved by the market in next years. It is expected that strategic allocation and asset positioning can help competitive goals. Estimation of certain regulations introduced by the governments of several countries increases the market revenues. It has been predicted that the availability of appropriate means to make powerful distribution channels can specify the expansion of the market's future in the predicted period. The stability of economic government can mostly help favorable development of global market power. It is also predicted that advances in research and development equipment can affect market growth in the prediction period. Need to provide conditions for emergencies such as natural disasters, pandemics, and international commercial wars can enable the market to fight the challenges. In other words, four aspects have been covered: 1- the most common AI techniques in SCM, 2- potential AI techniques to use in SCM, 3- secondary fields of SCM improved by AI, and 4- secondary fields with high potential to be improved by AI. A certain collection of regulations of inclusion and lack of inclusion are used to investigate the articles in four fields of SCM: logistics, marketing, supply chain, and manufacturing. This study provides insights by systematic analysis and synthesis.


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Zhandark Khalife Soltani. (2021). The Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Supply Chain. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 4488–4499.
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