The Effect of Using the Neale Model in Acquiring Mathematical Concepts for Fifth Classes of Primary School

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Dr. Ghassan Rasheed Abdel Hameed AlSaydawawy, et. al.


     The current research aims at identifying the effect of using the Neale model in acquiring mathematical concepts for fifth class students. The research community consisted of students of the fifth morning grade of primary school, in the government schools affiliated to the General Directorate of Education in Baghdad / Karkh third, for the academic year (2020-2021), and the researcher chose the experimental design with two groups (experimental and control).

   The research data comprised of students of (Al-Abrar Elementary Mixed School), as the research amounted to (62) students, with (32) students for the experimental group, and (30) students for the control group. The two research groups were rewarded with the variables (chronological age in months, educational attainment of the parents, previous information test, previous academic achievement, intelligence test [Raven]).

  The tool of this study was built, a test of acquiring mathematical concepts, and its paragraphs consisted of (24) items of the type of objective tests, which are multiple-choice, and each paragraph has four alternatives. The researchers made sure of the validity and reliability of the research tool, and the experimental group was studied according to the (Neale model), and the control group was studied according to the (ordinary method). After the end of the experiment, the search tool was applied using the t-test for two unequal independent samples.

   By verifying the research hypothesis, the results of the research were reached (the students of the experimental group outperformed the students of the control group). Thus, the researchers concluded that (Neale model) has an impact on acquiring mathematical concepts for the students of the experimental group from the fifth grade of primary school, and then they recommend a number of recommendations, including the training of mathematics teachers before the service and its praise on the (Neale) model to develop their previous information and keep abreast of developments.

   The two researchers made a number of proposals, including conducting other studies to demonstrate the effect of teaching using the Neale model in teaching mathematics on other dependent variables such as (scientific trends, scientific inclination, learning processes, scientific thinking, critical thinking, and others).


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et. al., D. G. R. A. H. A. . (2021). The Effect of Using the Neale Model in Acquiring Mathematical Concepts for Fifth Classes of Primary School. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 4227–4238.
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