Scope of Inland Fish Farming in Ernakulam - A Long Term Rural Development Strategy

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Aswathy C.R., et. al


Rural development can be sustainably attained only if a project is economically feasible, environment friendly, and socially acceptable. Development can say to be sustainable only if we keep the resources for the future generation without sacrificing the present needs. Fish farming is one among them. With the increase in demand, our natural sources are already been exploited and over captured. Blue growth is becoming a need of society as the consumption rate is getting higher day by day. Blue revolution includes actions from job creation and decent employment to people's consumption which is a value chain system having many phases where we can add value to make a final product. It can be an alternative livelihood option for the rural poor. The present study enquires into the people’s awareness about the new advancements and technologies that help the farmers in fish processing or value addition techniques available in the society and also it studies the benefits receiving by the farmers by running these farms. This paper focuses attention on the scope of fish farming in making rural areas a developed model to society. Besides these, the paper will evaluate the government's supports for running fish farms. From the analysis conducted in the study, we can came to a conclusion that fish farming contributes income to the households and it enhances their quality of living, health and it increases their social well-being. The area of study is limited to the Ernakulam District and it is a limitation to the study.


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et. al, A. C. . (2021). Scope of Inland Fish Farming in Ernakulam - A Long Term Rural Development Strategy. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 3916–3923.
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