Cooperative Communication Performance Analysis Using Different Scheme of Relay Selection

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Anand Ranjan, et al.


In the wireless network with large area coverage with high data speed reduction of multipath fading effect is important issue for modern telecommunication research under the MIMO schemes. But the application of multiple antennas is complicated due to power losses, area, and cost constrains. To improve the MIMO systems cooperative wireless systems is applied having virtual antenna array concepts. In this scheme the relays and source cooperation with information exchange is performed. The relay node selection is very crucial in co-operative networks. This article focuses on the performance on relay selection for opportunistic and random scheme. Opportunistic relaying depends on max-min selection of relay, harmonic mean selection of relay, threshold dependent on max-min and threshold dependent harmonic mean is applied. These schemes are analyzed using simulation model. The results are described by bit error probability. It is observed that opportunistic relay selection scheme is outperforming over conventional selection approach.


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et al., A. R. (2021). Cooperative Communication Performance Analysis Using Different Scheme of Relay Selection. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 3829–3834.
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