Identity Construction through Logos: An Analysis of 8 Egyptian Universities

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Prof. Hamed A. Ead, Dr. Nermeen H. Saleh


Branding of higher education is essential in creating a positive image and has significant impact on identity creation and promotion, differentiating, and positioning itself in a highly competitive environment. This study examines logos of eight universities in Egypt in their identity construction, through critical discourse analysis (CDA), a deductive reasoning approach deciphering the formal elements and semantics of various shapes, images, symbols, and colours used therein. It shows that the various elements and semantics in their logos are mostly based on their cultural heritage, religious beliefs, and past history of civilization to project a perceptory image of an academic institution. Only recently, a trend is emerging to use modern symbols, graphics, themes, and images that are more progressive and scientific, linking the younger generations to the future. While logos stand for the identity of these institutions and are being extensively used to promote and market the various programs they offer, their relevance and reinforcing role in marketing communications, branding, and advertising have to be linked from “impression” to “delivery.” Hence, further research is recommended to assess “what these institutions stand for,” “how they accomplish them,” and “what they deliver,” as well as what role logos play in brand valuation.


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Dr. Nermeen H. Saleh, P. H. A. E. (2021). Identity Construction through Logos: An Analysis of 8 Egyptian Universities. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 3784–3803.
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