US Universities Socio cultural and Academic Support for International Students

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Nadiya Smolikevych, et al.


The paper presents the analysis and survey results of international students’ adaptation problems while studying and living on US university campuses on the basis of the elaborated survey. It also explores their main studying problems Core student competences necessary for successful adaptation and studying in US universities were outlined. The ranking of US universities in the world and main educational tasks caused by globalization processes have been highlighted. Strategies of the university support for foreigners’ overcoming sociocultural and academic challenges have been substantiated. University staff’s key competences and role in creating the favourable educational environment have been given, too. Taking into account the national experience, the rationality of implementing the US progressive ideas and experience in providing international students with all necessary support to facilitate their adaptation to studying process and a good opportunity to acquire up-to-date international knowledge and practical skills in university education has been justified for other countries.


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et al., N. S. (2021). US Universities Socio cultural and Academic Support for International Students. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 3729–3744.
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