Digital Technologies and Their Role in Documenting the Hidden Iraqi Lyrical Heritage

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Ali Hashem Baden Anad


      Music and singing appeared in response to the human’s life and physiological needs , in rhythms and movements that he invented to produce melodies that express his emotions and psychological states, as the chants and chants of daily work and the method of communication are a means to satisfy his various innate needs , as a language of communication and communication with others to organize their collective work and to express their joys and sorrows .The research consists of four chapters with a list of sources and references, the first chapter dealt with the methodological framework, the research problem that sheds light on the most prominent Iraqi Jewish composers, musicians and singers whose names have been lost or forgotten and their works attributed under the title (Iraqi Heritage) and the researcher formulated a justification for his research. As for the second chapter, it included the theoretical framework and consisted of two sections. In the first section, the researcher dealt with a historical overview of the roots of the Jews in Iraq. The second topic talked about the role of Iraqi Jews in Iraqi music and singing. In the third chapter, it included the research procedures, as the researcher identified a community and sample of his research, which consisted of twenty songs. Examples of songs composed and sung by Iraqi Jewish artists circulated in the form of heritage. The researcher identified the names of their composers and singers. From the Iraqi Jews in the form of a table containing the names of the composer and singer. In the fourth chapter, results and conclusions were formulated by the researcher in the form of points, recommendations to reach suggestions, and a list of sources and references.  


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Baden Anad, A. H. . (2021). Digital Technologies and Their Role in Documenting the Hidden Iraqi Lyrical Heritage. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 3645–3659.
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