Impact of social network addiction in adolescents. Review

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Roxana Fermina Zavaleta-Valenzuela, Juan MendezVergaray, Lady Diana Valenzuela Hinostroza, Edward Flores,Yolanda Josefina Huayta-Franco


The objective of this review is to analyze the impact of addiction to social networks in adolescents, which means a challenge to adapt to these changes but is currently becoming addictive by the COVID-19 pandemic that is being experienced, therefore, the requirement arises that everyone develop skills and abilities, In order to reduce and even eliminate the disorders caused by the misuse of social networks, some recommendations are offered, such as training in access to the network, application of codes of conduct and codes of good practices and patterns of use. Learning how to use the Internet correctly is one of them, as they are revealing of the individual's daily life, progressively and others in a practical way. Social networks have become in very few years an instrument of influence and communication in all age ranges, where adolescents remain the most vulnerable group because they lack strategies to defend themselves from certain aggressions of this medium.


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