An Experimental Study on Learner Centric Approach Using Mobile Technologies with respect to Principal Parts of Verb

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In the present decade, technology has become an essential and inevitable part of English language teaching (ELT).This research study intends to examine the predominant role of the Android App in enabling the teacher trainees to learn English grammar effectively. The major reason for choosing this area is that grammar is universal and it does not differ from person to person. Learning the structure of a language is paramount to speak and write it effectively and accurately. The present work is an attempt to gauge the tool while it teaches English grammar, especially principal parts of verb. Naturally, the study is an experimental one comprising a pilot study, a pre-test, teaching intervention and a post-test. Further, it involves control and experimental group settings. A questionnaire is used as a research tool and administered in the process of data collection. This study investigates the errors in the students’ responses in the pre-test which also served as diagnostic test. Judgmental sampling is adopted as the premium sampling method. Profile of the study area is taken from Chennai district where 60 teacher trainees are tested in the field. They are considered as the representative samples of the study. After classification and tabulation of the errors, the investigator then goes on to provide pedagogical intervention by combining the Cognitive Code Method and the Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL). Teaching of grammar is assisted by Android application. Eventually, the effect of the teaching intervention and difference in performance between the control and the experimental group are assessed in the post-test which served as achievement test. According to the findings of the study, the customized Android App has served as an effective pedagogical tool to improve the grammar skills of the teacher trainees in Chennai district


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How to Cite, D. . (2021). An Experimental Study on Learner Centric Approach Using Mobile Technologies with respect to Principal Parts of Verb. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 382–387.
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