The Cognitive Model And Its Implementation Of The Enterprise Uzmobile

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Sukhrob umarov, et. al.


The use of IoT technologies in Uzbekistan is fraught with a number of features and limitations associated with the economic, technological, legislative, geographical and cultural characteristics of the country. Most of the existing methods for planning the activities of the enterprise cannot be applied to assess the current state, to formulate a set of recommendations for the development of the industry as a whole, and its individual companies. Some methods operate only with stable quantitative indicators, rely on established standards and require sufficient historical data. The Internet of things is one of the breakthrough technologies of the 21st century. The market for Internet of things devices is relatively young in our state’s economy. Despite the growing growth rates of industry indicators, there is no clear understanding of its future development. This article is devoted to the application of the cognitive modeling method to assessing the current activities of the company, conducting scenario analysis and constructing a methodology for planning further development of the enterprise. The methodology used in the study is based on a review of secondary sources by the authors conducted earlier. As a result of the work, a list of influential concepts was formed, the relationships between them were determined, and the cognitive model of the company itself was built. As part of the experiments with the model, drivers and development barriers, strengths and weaknesses of the company were identified, various development scenarios were considered


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et. al., S. umarov, . (2021). The Cognitive Model And Its Implementation Of The Enterprise Uzmobile. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(11), 3479–3486.