Performance Evaluation of Symmetrical Current Source Multilevel Inverter

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Mr. A. Clement Raj, et. al.


In this paper proposes a Current Source Multilevel Inverter (CSMLI) with a single rating inductor topology. The multilevel inverters are generally acquainted with power converter's applications because of decreased dv/dt, di/dt stress, and extremely efficient for minimising   harmonic distortion in the both output voltage and current. The proposed nine-level current source inverter has analyses   under symmetrical operation, and their operation  are compared using PI and Fuzzy PI controllers with multicarrier PWM  topology. PV utilized as a DC source, photovoltaic energy is an environmentally friendly energy  with high potential, simple construction, maintenance, dependability and long life. MATLAB/Simulink simulation has been made for the proposed converter to get its exhibition measures. Some test results are given to confirm the presented Current Source Multilevel Inverter.


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et. al., M. A. C. R. . (2021). Performance Evaluation of Symmetrical Current Source Multilevel Inverter. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(10), 5598–5607.
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