The Effect Of Service Delivery Performance And Value Congruity On Customer Trust And Its Impact On Loyalty In Logistic Service Provider

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Fansuri Munawar, et. al.


This study aims to identify the role of service delivery performance and value congruity on customer trust and its impact on loyalty. This study took a sample of respondents who used logistics services in Bandung, such as JNE, J&T, Pos Indonesia, and others. The method of collecting data by distributing questionnaires. Sampling was conducted on 100 respondents. Data analysis in this study used a structural equation model based on partial least square (SEM-PLS) with the help of SmartPLS 3.0. The results of the evaluation of the research hypothesis show that service delivery performance has a positive and significant effect on customer trust, and value congruity also has a positive and significant effect on customer trust. Service delivery performance variable has a bigger impact in influencing customer trust than value congruity. Then, customer trust significantly affects loyalty. This study has implications for logistics service companies to increase customer loyalty. Finally, this study also provides recommendations for further research.

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