Comparative Analysis of DCF based Dispersion Compensation Techniques in Optical Fiber Communication Link using Different Input Transmitter Conditions at 10 Gbps

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Gaurav Sharma


In this paper, Dispersion Compensating Fiber (DCF) based various dispersion compensating techniques (pre, post and symmetrical) with different modulation format like Non Return to Zero(NRZ), Return to Zero(RZ), Carrier Suppressed Return to Zero(CSRZ) and Duo Binary(DB) along with PN, FCC and Walsh code input sequences are implemented. Simulation and analysis of these implemented techniques were done at 10 Gbps bit rate and input laser power ranging from 1 mW to 10 mW at transmission distance of 240 km using BER Analyzer in Optisystem 17.0 software. Comparison between different techniques was done in terms of Q factor and BER versus input CW laser power for different modulations and input sequences. From the analysis, it is concluded that when Walsh code as user defined input sequence are used for all the implementation, it gives higher value of Q factor and lower value of Bit Error Rate as compared to PN and FCC codes for most of the input CW laser power.

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