Reflection on Components of the Romanticism School in the Poems of Mehdi Akhavan-Sales

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Farshad Daneshvar Nike, Mohammad Fazeli, Parvindokht Mashhour


Literary schools influenced European literature in parallel with political and social developments and gradually spread to other parts of the world with the growth of new sciences and technologies. Meanwhile, Romanticism was accounted as a rebellion against the idealism of classicism and described the untouched nature relying on components such as freedom, individuality, escape or travel, discovery and intuition, the magic of speech, and the influence of deep human feelings and emotions. This school was seriously introduced in contemporary Persian literature with the return of expatriate students, the prosperity of the translation movement, etc., and was used by modern poets such as Mehdi Akhavan Sales. The author of this study aimed to investigate the reflection of romanticism view in the works of this contemporary poet. Therefore, the research method was descriptive-analytical and library resources were used to collect data. The method of narrative expression with emphasis on ancient literature and glorious word, using elements of Khorasani style and linking it with colloquial language, composition and new illustrations, adherence to Nima's poetry in the form and music, the overcoming of the spirit of despair and hopelessness throughout the poem, the praise of the manifestations and glories of ancient Iran, naturalism, the nostalgic expression, and the expression of hatred for the conditions improvement are all features of the Akhavan's poetry.


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Farshad Daneshvar Nike, Mohammad Fazeli, Parvindokht Mashhour. (2021). Reflection on Components of the Romanticism School in the Poems of Mehdi Akhavan-Sales. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 7807 –.
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