Antecedents of Digital Entrepreneurial Intention

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KrischananKampanthong, Triyuth Promsiri


This study is interested in the role played by entrepreneurship education (EE) in the area of digital entrepreneurship.
The researchers explored the relationships between the external enabler mechanisms (EEMs) in the digital environment and
online collaborative learning (OCL), and their impact on entrepreneurial intention (EI). To test these relationships, the
researchers developed an OCL program called Digital Business Management, which consisted of six modules on digital
knowledge to be studied over 12 weeks. The participants in this study were students from two different batches of the program
who studied in the same year in Thailand. The profiles of the students were a heterogeneous mixture of entrepreneurs and
individuals in other careers. The data were collected at the end of the final class for each batch. We applied the quantitative
method by using linear regression as the statistical method. The findings showed that OCL serves as a partial mediator between
the EEMs in digital entrepreneurial intention (DEI). This finding supports the idea that EE is an important linkage between the
external enablers and EI, and that OCL is an effective alternative method of delivering EE.


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KrischananKampanthong, Triyuth Promsiri. (2021). Antecedents of Digital Entrepreneurial Intention. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 7099–7109.
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