An Efficient tasks scheduling using DAG for Cloud Computing

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Zainab KashalanYeeser; Prof. Khaldun I. Arif


Cloud Computing is a common model for storing, accessing, processing, and retrieving data from a distance.
It combines high-performance computing with a massive resource pool.Cloud services are available ondemand
to meet a variety of consumer QoS specifications. One of the main challenges in the field of the
cloud computing is the task scheduling problem.Task Scheduling is known as NP-complete problem. The
main objective of task scheduling is to assign tasks on to available processors with the aim of producing
minimum Makespan and without violating the precedence this paper modified the QL_HEFT
algorithm, which efficiently distributes work among the processors and reduces the time it takes for
applications to complete. The Proposed algorithm performs better than the current QL_HEFT algorithm,
according to computational results.


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Zainab KashalanYeeser; Prof. Khaldun I. Arif. (2021). An Efficient tasks scheduling using DAG for Cloud Computing. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 6841–6857.
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